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Linseed expellers : 100% linseed, GMO-free, chemical solvent-free.

Our linseed expellers are not based on formulations nor a variable mixture of products with a selection based on courses and prices.

They have become a reference. They are a vital element in a healthy food chain for feed in general and particularly for fattening cattle or dairy cows.

Yum yum…

Our linseed expellers contain, through the process of "soft" crushing, 9% of linseed oil. This content ensures exceptional concentration of OMEGA 3, without residues of chemical solvents, like hexane.

No other expellers (even "extruded") contain as many lignans as linseed expellers: lignans are powerful natural antioxidants that improve the stability of the meat.

In addition, the procces eliminates the antinutritional factors.