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VEOPUR is our new range of biobased polyester polyols produced from modified vegetable oils for polyurethane applications.

Polyfunctional polyester polyols :

With our polyfunctional polyester polyols, we offer a wide range of tailor-made products according to our customers needs.

Low moisture castor oil is one of main solutions offered to the polyurethane industry. Based on First Special grade, low moisture castor oil is guaranteed with moisture content maximum 500ppm.

Our process and supply chain guarantee that all other parameters of castor oil remain unchanged. Our low moisture castor oil helps our customers to reduce or avoid the use of defoamers during the polyurethanes formulation.

Main applications are :

. Adhesives

. Flooring

. Construction

. Casting.

Another example of our range of biobased polyols is our VEOPUR 758170:

VEOPUR 758170

Appareance Liquid

Colour, Gardner Max 6

OH value ,mg KOH/g

ASTM E 1899-08 165-175

OH content, % Approx. 5

Viscosity at 25°C, mPa.s 3000 - 4000

Acid value, mg KOH/g Max 2

Biobased content, % Min 75

VEOPUR 758170 is compatible with aromatic and aliphatic polyisocyanates and generally used for two-component Formulations and it shows many advantages:

. Bio-based

. Balance between flexibility and hardness

. Adherence on various substrates

. Scratch resistance

. Leveling properties

Polyurethane formulations based on VEOPUR 758170 are suited for coating, flooring, adhesive and casting Applications.

Difunctional polyester polyols :

With their functionality strictly equal to 2 and their high percentage of biobased content, difunctional VEOPUR range offers a wide range of specifications in terms of hydroxyl value, Molecular weight and viscosity.

Main field of applications of these polyester polyols are :

. Thermoplastic polyurethanes (automotive, textiles,etc.).

. Coatings: polyurethanes dispersions (wood, textile).

. Hot-melt adhesives.

. Rigid and flexible foams (furniture, automotive, insulation).