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Linseed is a product that is recognized worldwide for its benefits and nutritional quality » :

Alpha-linolenic acid contributes to a healthy cholesterol and blood pressure.

Linseed oil first pressing

Applications :
Food & Feed, production of Soaps

Advantages :
Characteristic taste
Content of Omega-3 : minimum 55%
Better stability to oxidation than raw and refined oils

Raw linseed oil

Applications :
Flooring – production of linoleum
Feed (antioxidant additive)
Derivatives from vegetable oils : boiled ; fatty acids

Advantages :
Limited deposit
Content of Omega-3 : minimum 55%

Refined linseed oil

Applications :
Alkyd resins
Paints and wood protection
Offset inks
Derivatives from vegetable oils : standoils ; epoxidation

Advantages :
Low color
Low acid index
Good wetting agent
Good reactivity