Our production site : means and ambitions



Through our sustainable investment strategy, our production, modern equipment and regular upgrades, we are able to valorize the specificity of each product.

In this way we produce, according to a procedure that respects the environmental standards the best products at the best price.

Obligation of result : how ?

- Quality control: from the arrival of raw materials to the batch release of finished products, each production is controlled before being delivered: it is a guarantee of flawless products.

- The process: from the production tanks to the packaging line via our blowing unit, we configured our production to make it perfectly suited and equipped for all different families of products we manufacture.

We respond in this way to the image that each client wishes to give to its own line and so our plant has the means to meet , within delivery times, to each specific request.

Our production numbers are also changing constantly and we are now developing an increasingly wide range of liquid household cleaning products.