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Oleochemicals : Sustainable development and future

We structured Oleochemicals around our R&D lab, giving a customized "customer support", and also around our production unit.

We are developing technical oils such as stand oils, boiled oils, blown, maleinized and modified oils.

Our pilot reactor enables partners and customers to test and validate their products under development before going into production.

Green chemistry

Oleochemicals also develops materials - polymers and derivatives - based on vegetable oils and therefore from renewable raw materials, such as linseed.

These new types of materials will soon replace products derived from fossil materials processed by the petrochemical industry.

A strategy strongly oriented towards reducing CO2 emissions

Incorporate our production process to your formulations means:

access to required standards for bio based products.

the possibility to reduce significantly the environmental footprint by replacing fossil resources that are being depleted after becoming unaffordable.

the way to new applications.