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Oleochemicals, ambitions and means

Our dynamism and investments have allowed us to multiply by 10 in less than 10 years, our production capacity.

The responsiveness of our teams.

The flexibility of our tool.

The guarantee of a real flexibility to respond to all requests and produce, deliver and sell a range of over 100 products.

Our R&D lab : a reference

We have organized, equipped, recruited and developed our R&D team to be a privileged partner of our clients to enable them to study formulations, to customize, to evaluate and test those before putting them into production.

From lab to production stage, through the pilot, our R&D teams work to serve our clients in the formulation of products with a perspective of CO2 reduction targets.

An advanced positioning

This unique know-how gives us a competitive advantage in the perspective of bio based products required by the regulations and standards in force.

A controlled process

All of our operations "Oil mill and Oleochemicals” are approved and certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Proactive logistics

Our multilingual logistic service listening to our clients.

A full support.

Delivery in all 5 continents in any quantity.

Guaranteed delivery times.