Our product range.

Thanks to our history, our expertise, our process and our knowledge of the formulations through our R&D department and the know-how of our Packaging team we can develop and deliver products with the highest industrial reactivity of the following "families":











- Textile Care: laundry, stain removers, laundry care









- Floors and surfaces: soft and liquid soap, clean-all (all-purpose cleaners), care for flooring and all other surfaces

- Specific maintenance: anticalc (limescale removers), sanitary cleaners, drain maintenance, degreasing, window cleaners

- Dishes: liquids and additives

- Personal hygiene: washing liquid soaps and washing creams

Because of the effectiveness of our R&D department, production and our mastery of processes and schedules, we have earned the trust of many brands and companies for whom we deliver their products.

Anticipating the awareness of sustainable development, Vandeputte always thought «green». How ?

-> by endorsing the reduction in the volume of products through the development of
concentrated formulas

-> by developing a range of “cold wash” liquid laundry detergents and by becoming
partner « Core campaign leader » for Belgium of « I prefer 30° », allowing reduction
of energy consumption

-> by adhering to the «Sustainable Cleaning» charter

-> by developing your products in partnership: Ecolabel, Ecocert certificated...

-> by obtaining the GMP certificate = ISO 22716:2008 for production, packaging and
related activities (laboratory and storage) of liquid homecare products