Vandeputte or the fabulous destiny of linseed…

Vandeputte, it’s a love story between a family and a company. And like all love stories, it begins with a seed… ours is a linseed.


In 1887, in his mill in Rekkem, on the borders of Flanders, Wallonia and France, our great grandfather Gustave Vandeputte starts pressing the linseed…

Over time, and the idea is the seed, each generation Vandeputte brought its share of innovations and investments in tune with the times.

Today, our family business has deployed itself as a group with a human face, a company with a well developed corporate citizenship, an actor of reference in its Euro-region, radiating across 5 continents from its location in the heart of Western Europe. Repeatedly honored for its durable positioning, Vandeputte enjoys an excellent image.

Our recipe : giving good ideas means to achieve successes !
The linseed, we wanted to honor in this page, has allowed our family to develop three areas of activity which we invite you to discover.

Two distinct entities united by our desire to ensure quality products, innovative processes and thus the satisfaction of our customers ...

- SOAP (Soap and Detergent)

- OLEO (Oils & Oleochemicals)

Let’s meet… if we haven’t already done so .

Luc, Christian and Pierre VANDEPUTTE