The emergence of a key player for the soap and detergent industry.

Our recipe : giving means to good ideas !











The 50s are conductive to creative minds… The 3rd generation Vandeputte invents the soap based on linseed … This is the beginning of a prodigious success story around «Mousse de Lin»…

- In 1981, building on our strong market penetration developed around our brand, we become distributor for Belgium and Luxembourg with major brands.

- In 1987, the next generation puts its know-how to other brands, with the production of soaps and detergents "private labels" for retailers. Since then, we develop a range of liquid soaps and detergents with the desire to offer “environmentally clean”, biodegradable and energy saving products during their production.

- In 1993, we inaugurated a modern infrastructure in Mouscron, dedicated to further enhancing our performances and continuous development, through an ambitious investment program.

Our commitment: to support the largest European distributors, The household products professional in their qualitative approach to make with their Own Brands real signatures.

This is an ongoing goal for our SME and its teams resolutely "service minded " and a guarantee for a complete success for both partners.

A policy of continuous investment.
- Around 2000, we expanded our labs, offices, production areas and storage. We also developed a blowing unit.
- In 2011, we are introducing our new operating platform that reflects our perpetual evolution to serve our customers.

Believe in us to grow with you !
- Being strong in our history and experience we gave ourselves the means to produce in sub-contracting service for distributors and more brands and to start partnerships with the cleaning industry.
- Our site also enables us to develop and manufacture a range of liquid household cleaning products, soaps and detergents increasingly diverse, with good delivery times and with the most diverse packaging.

A customer-oriented strategy…
- Our strategy has allowed us to be the ideal partner for the retail sector, housewives and maintenance professionals.
- We now offer all of our expertise to the soap and detergent industry: the biggest brands, the largest groups in the distribution and maintenance professionals rely on us…