Linseed expellers

A 100% natural lindseed expeller, GMO-free 

Vandeputte only sells one type of linseed expeller, a « fatty expeller » with a minimum of 32% protein and 8% linseed oil. This exceptional fat content guarantees a unique concentration of OMEGA 3 (50-55%).

The plate is obtained after a double mechanical pressure, cold then hot, without the addition of any solvent or manufacturing aid.

Superior meat quality

After a century of experience, we dare to say it: linseed expeller is the indispensable link in a healthy food chain for animal feed in general. This remarkable performance is due not only to its richness in OMEGA 3 but also to the presence of minor compounds such as tocopherols (Vitamin E), lignans and polysaccharides.

Although linseed expeller is mainly used for fattening livestock, it can also be incorporated into the feed of horses, sows (pregnant or lactating), pigs and poultry.

Vandeputte, your linseed expert