Seed of linen

Commercialization and distribution : quantity and quality
More than 10% of the flax produced on the surface of the globe passes through us ! This positioning gives us a leading position in the flax trade and distribution sector.
Laboratory controls ensure follow-up and traceability for a secure chain, guaranteed without GMOs.

Our diversified purchasing policy:

  • The best varieties.
  • Multiplication of supply sources, on all continents.
  • The guarantee of the best prices, thanks to the volumes we manage.

Faultless traceability: the entire chain is controlled and secured!
Our history and expertise allow us to benefit from a real authority for the selection of a guaranteed raw material through audits and permanent controls with our suppliers.
Our status as a reference player in the sector and our integrated, multilingual logistics service offer complete, tailor-made solutions: transshipment for raw materials, storage, transport, etc.

Vandeputte, your flaxseed expert.