Who are we ?

A family business

Our recipe

Let’s give resources to good ideas!

The 1950s are conducive to creative minds … The 3rd generation Vandeputte invents our soap made from linseed oil … This is the start of a prodigious success story around “Mousse de Lin” …

In 1981, taking advantage of our commercial penetration strength developed around our brand, we became a distributor for Belgium and Luxembourg of major reputable brands.

In 1987, the next generation put its know-how at the service of other brands, with the production of “private label” soaps and detergents for mass distribution. Since that date, we have been developing a whole range of soaps and liquid detergents with the aim of offering clean, biodegradable and energy-efficient products during their manufacture.


In 1993, we inaugurated a modern infrastructure at Mouscron, dedicated to further increasing our performance and which we are constantly developing through an ambitious investment program. Our desire: to support the largest European distributors and maintenance professionals in their qualitative approach so that their brands become real signatures, a permanent objective for our SME and its resolutely “service minded” teams, guaranteeing complete success for both partners.

A family business

A continuous investment policy

Around the 2000s, we enlarged our labs and offices as well as our production and storage areas and we set up a blowing unit.

In 2001, Vandeputte invested in a refining unit. Our various linseed oils are ideal raw materials for making soap, ink, linoleum, putty, paint for wood treatment and many other 100% sustainable uses.
Linseed oil is a plant ingredient recognized by nutritionists for its richness in OMEGA 3. Convinced by the prodigious virtues of flax, in 2013 Vandeputte registered the “Huile des Centenaires®” brand and launched a new range of linseed oil and flax flour which combines pleasure and health.

In 2011, we put our new operational platform into service, which bears witness to our constant development in the service of our customers.

In 2017, Vandeputte took over the Hesdin-l’Abbé plant from the PAD group – people against dirty / ecover. This production site, eco-designed, is installed in the first ISO 14.001 certified business park in Europe. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Of recent construction, it has a reduced impact on the environment: A green roof which allows less heating in winter and less cooling in summer (+/- 25% of energy saving. The buildings are made of concrete. cell that allows better thermal regulation. The interior and exterior wooden structure in red cedar offers the advantages of durability and maintenance. Skylights save energy and provide more comfort for employees Optimization of waste management Rainwater recovery for toilets, floor cleaning and as a fire reserve. Three circuits for water management: city water, rainwater and process water. The empty packaging is collected and recycled. The factory is equipped with a pipe scraping system, which precedes the cleaning operation. This system significantly minimizes rinsing water. We can estimate that the order is 90% saving omitted in product to be recycled or waste water.

In 2018, our Mouscron production site was equipped with 5,900 solar panels on an 21,000 m2 roof. This allows a production of ± 1,200,000 kWh / year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 342 households.

In 2019 Vandeputte Huilerie is investing in new storage capacities upstream for flax seeds and downstream for flax cake. The port area of Pecq (PACO) has a surface area of 25,000 m², Vandeputte has installed a silo that can contain 10,000 T of linseed as well as a storage and sieving unit for linseed cake with a capacity of 5,000 T.
This investment allows Vandeputte to optimize the supply of raw materials and above all to reduce the carbon footprint: In fact, the flax seeds are transported from Ghent to Pecq by barge and a truck will make the shuttle for the Pecq / Mouscron trips to bring seeds to Mouscron and leave with cakes in Pecq.

Believe in us to grow with you!

With all of our history and experience, we have given ourselves the means to produce as a subcontractor for distributors and the biggest brands, as well as to start partnerships with the industrial sector. Our site allows us to develop and manufacture a whole range of ever more diverse liquid cleaning products, soaps and detergents, as quickly as possible and in the most diverse packaging.

A customer-oriented strategy … ​

Our strategy has enabled us to position ourselves as the ideal partner for the retail sector, housewives and maintenance professionals. And this is all this know-how that we now offer to the soap and detergents sector: the biggest brands, the biggest distribution groups and maintenance professionals trust us …