Sustainability was a value,

Today it is our “raison d’être”

Vandeputte is a love story between a family and a business. And like all love stories, it starts with a little seed … the flaxseed

Let’s talk about our history.

Vandeputte Group

It was in 1887, in his mill in Rekkem, on the borders of Flanders, Wallonia and France, that our grandfather, Gustave Vandeputte, started processing flaxseed

Throughout the years, each generation brought its own share of innovations and investments. Today, our small family business has developed into a group with multiple activities, a corporate citizen and a benchmark actor. Located at the heart of West European markets.

Vandeputte enjoys an excellent reputation and brand image. For five generations, the Vandeputte family has been committed to the sustainable development of its activities.