Your specialist in vegetable oil derivatives

Development and sustainable future.

R&D : towards a reduced CO2 footprint, in partnership with our customers!

Our sales department and our R&D department are at your disposal to develop and produce new types of materials. Every day, new fields of application open up for our products.

We have structured Oleochemicals around 2 axes: a highly efficient and versatile production unit and our R&D lab offering « personalized customer support ».

We develop technical oils such as: standolias, baked oils, blown oils, maleinised oils, modified oils and functionalised oils.

Our pilot reactor allows our partners and customers to test and validate their products during development before they are put into industrial production.

Green chemistry

Oleochemicals develops materials – polymers and derivatives – based on vegetable oils and therefore from renewable raw materials, including flax for the ink, coating and polymer sectors.

These new types of materials will soon replace products derived from fossil fuels processed by petrochemicals.

A strategy resolutely oriented towards the reduction of CO2 emissions
Incorporating our products into your formulations means :

  • access to the standards required for biosourced products.
  • the possibility of considerably reducing the CO2 footprint.
  • replacing fossil resources that are running out after becoming unaffordable.
  • the way to new applications.

Oleochemicals, an ambition and means

Our dynamism and our investments have enabled us to multiply our production capacity by 10 in less than 10 years.

  • The reactivity of our teams.
  • The flexibility of our tool.

The guarantee of a real flexibility that allows us to respond to all requests and to produce, deliver and sell a range of more than 100 products.

A leading position

This unique know-how gives us a competitive advantage in the perspective of biosourced products required by the regulations and standards that are coming into force.

A mastered process

All of our « Oil mill and Oleochemicals » operations are approved and certified ISO 9001: 2008.

A reference R&D lab

We have set up, equipped, recruited and developed our R&D team to become our customers’ partner in studying, evaluating and testing tailor-made formulations before they go into production. From lab scale to industrial production, via our pilot unit, our R&D teams work on formulating products that reduce the CO2 footprint.

Proactive logistics

  • Our multilingual logistics department is attentive to our customers’ needs on a daily basis.
  • Complete administrative and documentary support.
  • Delivery on 5 continents in all quantities.
  • Guaranteed delivery times.